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To us, you are more than a client. Here at Darkness Before Light, you become part of our community. We are always there to support you and create the most extraordinary projects. We aren't just a company to call when needed, we keep in touch.


Our service is vastly different from anyone else. We aren't in it for the revenue. We are here for our community and making them successful. Even if you are 3 states away. We work with you to make sure you have what you need.


No matter what your budget is, we don't sacrifice on quality. All of our clients receive not only the best products but also the best support. Our team loves what they do, and part of that is supporting you in whatever way possible.


We have spent the time to carefully select the products we use, both old and new. We only use the highest quality products created, no matter the budget. That is a guarantee. Just because you pay less, doesn't mean you get less.

The DBL Difference
Lighting Design, Next to Normal 2015

Who we are

We are a modern production company with a mission to support and give to our community. What does that mean? We are not here to capitalize on profit, were here to help you be successful. Providing you the services you need to be successful makes not just you successful, but others as well. The technology and entertainment world has changed vastly over the years to where we are now. We have much more complex productions, and our technology has rapidly evolved. Our team is focused on bringing that technology to a local level, and support smaller businesses, schools, local organizations, and most importantly local artists. 

On our technical side, we strive to work with new technicians and educate them on all aspects of the production industry. We work with schools to bring a deeper education of technical theater that allows students to find their niche and get their roots planted in the industry. There are very few programs for an in-depth study on technical theater on a grade school level, and we're working on changing that by not only working with schools on their productions but also working with their students to give them a headstart in what could be their career.

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