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Offers an 87° view, perfect for small to medium coverage in HD or 2K with indoor and outdoor rated models. Our Flex cameras also have covers available to blend with the environment. These cameras have a sleek recessed ceiling mount available.


The classic style of camera. Our bullet cams come in standard or pro models with 2K and 4K resolution video. Both models are outdoor rated and feature a digital and/or optical zoom. Each model offers a 110° horizontal view.


Our dome style cams are super sleek and blend in well with the environment. We have two models with 4MP and 2K resolutions that are IPX4 rated for outdoor use. These are perfect for commercial use such as malls, apartments and retail stores.

AI Bullet

Other systems require additional software to capture license plates, not this one. Our AI camera can capture and identify license plates and track the motion of vehicles and people.


This camera gives an amazing birds-eye view of the area. Featuring a 180° fisheye lens, HD resolution and IPX4 and IK08 ratings this camera is a show stopper. Cover more area with less cameras.


This camera is beyond stealthy. It blends perfectly into the environment measuring only 23mm in diameter. That's one tiny camera. Featuring two lens options coming in at one being 8MP with a 97°H x 79°V angle. Lens option two has a 12MP sensor with a 180°H x 180°V angle, which gives a 360 degree like camera view. This camera is great for areas such as a large lobby.


These wireless cameras are amazing for portable use or home use scenarios. 2 models available, Full HD indoor rated and 2K video outdoor rated. Both models feature 2-way audio and a 110° wide camera angle. We offer light grey, grey and black covers to suite your installation site needs.

Doorbell Standard

An amazing doorbell camera. Featuring a 5MP 30FPS camera and integrated LED pathway light. Our doorbell cams can be hardwired using existing doorbell wiring, over POE or with an external power supply. Covers available to suite your installation site.

Doorbell Pro

This is the grandest video doorbell ever made. Featuring a 5MP 24FPS forward facing camera, 8MP 2FPS Package camera, LCD Screen, NFC and Fingerprint reader and LED path light. Use this doorbell with the Protect Smart Lock and get rid of keys! Unlock your door using your fingerprint, key fob or phone!

PoE Powered Flood Light

This PoE flood light is great for areas where an extra deterent is needed or maybe you just need a bit of light. Featuring a motion sensor with a 15' detection distance, IPX5 rating and 550 Lumens of output. 

Network Video Recorders

With an NVR your system storage is virtually unlimited as well as camera capacity. We offer two versions to better suite your needs and budget. 

Mounts & Covers

We offer covers the blend your Flex, wireless, and doorbell cameras into your environment. There are different mount options available for our cameras as well such a recessed ceiling, pole, pendant and wall mounts.

Camera Solutions

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