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Door Access Made Affordable.

Our door access solution is one of the BEST on the market. This system is highly affordable, has no fees, no software licensing, just hardware and the operating system. Easily manage users, access credentials, schedules and monitor logs from an easy-to-use portal with real time reports. The readers are highly secure utilizing a proprietary security encryption protocol.

No hidden fees. No software licenses. Ever Expandable.

Door Access made easy.

Door Hub

We use one of these for each door. All of the hardware is wired into the Hub and talks back to the software running the system. The hub works with existing 12v locks or can work with externally powered 24v locks as well. Includes inputs for door position sensors, fire alarm relay, and more.

Reader Pro

Our best reader loaded with a camera for capturing every entry, multiple entry options such as pin code with random keypad layout, NFC and Key Card/Fob. This reader is great for locked entrances and has a doorbell feature as well with video call recording. 

Reader Lite

This reader is great for general use. Featuring a LED backlight that turns white when credentials are accepted, as well as an audible beep. This reader makes a great exit device as well, it can be set to work with a simple handwave to trigger the reader for exit request.

Elevator Kit

Our elevator hub takes your security to the next level. Featuring controls for up to 18 floors, cart position monitoring and an emergency relay. Control who has access to what floor even the hours!

Override Switch

Our override switch is great for emergency applications or for manual overrides where you simply need to have a door unlocked for a period of time and don't want to program an unlock event.

Key Fobs

Our key fobs are not only stylish but include a proprietary security encryption. When your system is set to only use our key fobs and access cards, it's taking security to the next level.

Access Cards

Our key cards feature a proprietary multi-layer encryption keeping your system super secure.

Magnetic Locks

We offer mag locks to suite your use case. They works for inward and outward swinging doors and glass doors as well! They have an integrated door position sensor as well.

Electric Strikes

We offer electric strikes to suite each individual use case up to 2500 holding pound force. They are typically fail-secure so in the event of a system malfunction or power outage, your doors stay locked.


Web Portal & Mobile App

Manage your system through the secure web portal or watch it anywhere with the mobile app! The mobile app also allows for unlocking doors through the app. Monitor all your system stats and performance through both the portal and app. 

Easy User Management

Importing users is super simple, and can even be done by spreadsheet! Need to remove a user? Simply find their name and deactivate them, all their credentials will no longer be accepted by the system.

User Access Policies & Door Schedules

Set up user groups and policies to control who access to what and when. Control when specific doors can be opened and even a "First In" unlock schedule. First In unlock is great for having doors automatically unlocked during a specific time frame after a certain user has entered the building.

Real Time Monitoring

Check on your system and see real-time stats. You can see everything from the current door status being unlocked, locked, open or closed, and view the logs for every door in real-time. The real-time door logs will also show denied entry attempts and the type of credentials attempted to be used.

Video Doorbell

Our Pro reader has a video doorbell function, great for entrances you want to keep locked and secure and know exactly who is coming in. This feature works through the web portal, mobile app and even our VOIP Phone solution! Each video call can also be recorded.

Key Features

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