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We love nothing more than getting back at our roots. We started in the production world and working in theaters, so we know exactly what you need. As a company who has worked in the space we have a great understanding of what your needs are.


Architectural lighting can completely transform a space. You found the lighting pro's who know how to make things happen and turn your vision into a reality. Whether is a bar, home or even a high end building, we can make it happen.

Lighting Controls

The heart of the system is control. We work with you to find out exactly what you plan to do with your install so we can provide you with the best control solution. Most companies just throw in a controller and down the road you find out it's not what you needed.

Wall Panels

There isn't a single installation we have met that didn't need at least one wall control station. We offer 10 scene preset stations that can be programmed to suite exactly what you need.

Lighting Solutions

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