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Next to Normal


Take a look at how we put the finishing touches on turning this former church into a show ready theater! 

Working with the Misfit Players and Act Out Theatre, ​DBL brought this production of Next to Normal to life in 48hrs! This production of NTN was put on to raise funds for NEPA Childrens Service Center, and to raise mental health awareness.

In only 24hrs DBL worked around the clock to transform the space, bringing in white drape to use for a cyc, LED side lighting and cyc lights, VL1000TSD fixtures for specials and additional front of house fixtures, and more! The next 24hrs were spent recording a rehearsal and then programming the whole show throughout the night. The outcome? A lighting design that captivated the audience bringing them laughs but also tears. Utilizing an unlimited color palette, we created rooms with the cyc, and portrayed the emotions characters felt. With moving lights we added laughs to when Diana meets her doctor, completing her rockstar doc scene, as well as adding dramatic touches to other scenes.

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