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Solutions for you

Darkness Before Light changes the game with our production services. We are the one-stop-shop. No matter what your event is, we have solutions for you. Everything from lighting to sound to video, even scenic elements, and more! We have you covered. If we can't do it in house, we have some of the best partners around that we work with. All of our partners are small independent companies and freelancers as well, Darkness Before Light strives to support and give back to other small businesses and talented individuals.

Lighting Design, Next to Normal 2015

Creating the impossible, Illuminating the world

Lighting Design

Lighting is what started Darkness Before Light, notably with a 2015 production of Next to Normal we did with Misfit players. We are known for creating stunning and comprehensive designs that go further than simply illuminating. Working with equipment old and new, we've created the impossible. Event coming up soon? No problem, we're great under pressure.


Need something to make your event special, a custom set piece, or just looking to hide something ugly? We are on it. Our shop has the ability to build custom pieces, and our inventory has drape ready to go.

Corportate Holiday Party


Everything from film, television, musicals, and special events, it's something we are dying to work with you on. Let our event and production specialists work with you to create an event that will be unforgettable

2017 MoneyGram Cricket Bee


Our service with schools is exclusive to Darkness Before Light. We take things up another level and create a custom package for you that includes more than just maintenance plans and labor services. We work with you and your students to further educate on technical theater.

School auditorium


Everything from maintenance plans, long term rentals, system management, and event production services. Need a technician to design and program lights for your next event? Not a problem!



It's crucial to maintain your office systems to minimize downtime. Let us handle it for you, we can evaluate your system to set up a maintenance plan. Do you hold quarterly town halls? No problem, we can work those into your plan.


Partnered Services

Our partnered services are unique solutions, custom-tailored to each client. Perfect for those who need maintenance, technicians, or even someone to manage their systems. The best part, this service is nowhere near as expensive as you think! We are all about affordability.

Without Darkness, 

                         we cannot know light.

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