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Next to Normal - Gas Light Theatre Co.

Client: Gas Light Theatre Co.

Back with another production of Next to Normal in NEPA! This time with more challenges, which we LOVE! Challenges help us improve our creativity.

This production included a stage setup on a 45-degree angle with and audience on both sides. The venue had a fixed pipe grid (set for a proscenium stage) with acoustic clouds that did not allow for any adjustments, we had to get creative on how to light this one. We utilized the house lighting rig for this production as well.

What we used:

Front Light:

6x Source4 Lekos with Seachanger FX

16x Source4 Lekos with various lensing


8x ETC Selador Lustr 11

2x ETC Desire D60


6x Source4 Lekos with various lensing

1x Source4 Leko with Rosco I-Cue and motorized iris

6x Source 4 Pars with various lensing

Cyc Lighting:

8x L&E X-Ray MR-16 3 Circuit

House Lighting:

9x ETC Source4 Par with various lensing

4x ETC Source4 Lekos with various lensing & gobos

Dimming & Control:

1x ETC Sensor Rack 12

2x ETC Sensor Rack 24

1x ETC Ion


LeMaitre G300 Fogger

Ultratec Radiance Hazer


2x Muslin Cyc's

1x Sharkstooth Skrim

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