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Next to Normal - Misfit Players & Gaslight Theatre Co.

Client: Misfit Plays & Players, Gas Light Theatre Company

Check out how our event staging team TRANSFORMED this former church in just 3 days to a show ready theater for a production of Nex to Normal! We had a very tight schedule from load-in to show time, just 1 week to get ready for opening night.

This show was produced as a fundraiser for NEPTA mental health services and DBL Productions couldn't be prouder to be a part of it!

Load-in: 2 days

Program and Rehearsal time: 4 days

Show Run: 2 weeks

Load-out: 1 day

Here is how we did it:

Front of house lighting position:

2x L-16 crank towers with 4x Vari-Lite VL1000 TSD's

12x Source4 Leko's with various lens tubes for 2 color front wash

Side & Hi Light:

4x Pipe and base units 12' tall

4x Elation Opti-tri pars

Back Lighting:

Source4 Pars with various lensing

Top Light Under Platforms:

4x Elation ELED strip lights with diffusion gels

Cyc Lighting:

20x Elation ELED strip lights

Cyc and Drapery:

Over 40' of black drape

Pipe & Base Hardware

Additional Lighting and FX:

1x Ultratec Radiance Hazer

2x High End Systems Technospots


High End Systems Road Hog 3

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