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Retail & Office Installation - Private Client


Complete Network

Camera Security

Door Access

VoIP Phones

Location: Philadelphia, PA

A local business called us and needed some help. They have a building that houses not only their retail store but also 2 other businesses and all of their offices. They had several camera systems, a network that couldn't handle the traffic, too many keys, and a phone system from the 80's that was ready to quit. This installation was a massive one and required a lot of planning and a large budget. Working with our client we designed planned out different project phases to allow them to complete the project without a large upfront cost.

This install was complex involving a main rack and remote switch locations due to the large size of the building and several fire rated cinderblock walls, as well as keeping future expansion in mind. The main rack houses the UDMP, main switching and UNVR for camera recording, while the remote switch locations allow for easier connection to the system and future expansion. Our client wanted a system designed so they can cover their main needs upfront and throughout the year expand the system to provide more coverage.

We started with replacing the current network infrastructure, retail operations cameras and phone system. We reduced the amount of cameras needed for the retail operation due to the G4 Domes large camera angle which provided a massive cost savings right away. Due to the high traffic of the retail store, the client wanted store clerks to be able to monitor cameras in hard to see areas. We made this possible by installing a tv on the sales floor with a custom camera view so staff could only see the cameras necessary for them.

Door Access was an immediate cost savings for the client. Being a retail operation, they are constantly handing out keys and re-keying locks which becomes costly and cumbersome. After installing Access on doors that staff have keys to, they immediately realized the peace of mind and savings it brought to them.

So far here is what installed:

1 - Unifi Dream Machine Pro

3 - Unifi Switch Enterprise 24 PoE

1 - UNVR Pro with 18TB Hard Drives

12 - Protect G4 Dome Camera

6 - Protect G3 Flex

2 - Protect G4 Pro

2 - Wifi 6 Access Point Lite

2 - Talk Phone Touch Max

3 - Talk Phone Touch

4 - Access Hub

3 - Access Reader Pro

3 - Access Reader Lite

Several wall mounted network ports for hardwire connectivity

Once the project is complete it will have:

1 - UDM Pro

4 - Unifi Switch Enterprise 24 PoE

3 - Wifi 6 Access Point Lite

2 - Wifi 6 Access Point Enterprise

2 - UNVR Pro with 18TB Hard Drives

17 - Protect G4 Dome Camera

13 - Protect G3 Flex Camera

4 - Protect G4 Pro Camera

2 - Talk Phone Touch Max

7 - Talk Phone Touch

16 - Access Hub

8 - Access Reader Pro

10 - Access Reader Lite

Several wall mounted network ports for hardwired connectivity

Store Interior

Service Hallway


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