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Live Stream like a Pro

Learn how we take the stress out of live streaming, and work hand in hand with you to make your event a success. From the hosting to the second the stream ends, we are there with you to make sure everything runs smooth. 


Keeping your organization connected

Changing how we meet

With massive abrupt changes, comes stress and new technology. That's where we come in. Allow us to handle your online event, while you sit back and focus on what you need to. Our streaming services cover it all from planning to execution.


We manage the hosting, no need for new accounts or paying for software


You tell us the details, we do the rest. We'll send the invites and manage registration.

Show Flow

The biggest thing to make your event a success is having a structure. We'll plan it with you.


We'll help you feel confident diving into the digital world and give you time to perfect your presentation.


All live-streamed events can be recorded and kept for archives in case they need to be referenced. 


Hold live polling or a Q&A. We'll send out the questions when the time is right, and send you the results.

Post Show Survey

We can send event participants post stream surveys to see how your event went, and how the overall engagement was.

Content Management

We'll manage your slide decks for your presentation if needed, to allow you to focus on your presentation.

Content Creation

Want a custom virtual background featuring your logo, or need a video animation? Our creative experts are here for you.

Panel Discussions

Host your meeting like you would if everyone is there! Our studio can hold a full panel of speakers, with various furniture sets ranging from stools, chairs, and more! We even have space to hold 2 different sets!

Complete Broadcasting

Everything from multiple cameras, overlays, and presenter monitors, we have it. Broadcast from our studio complete with recording, full video switching, and key lighting. 


Our studio space is perfect for filming content as well! Shoot your interviews, updates, and more! Complete with acoustical treatments to make you sound great, and complete lighting to make you look amazing.

(Coming Soon)

We're bringing you a safe place to host your events and stream to attendees everywhere! Custom sets, full lighting, multiple camera angles, and so much more. The studio will allow you to hold panel discussions, town hall meetings, the uses are endless.

Coming Soon!

  • Multiple sets

  • Multi-cam

  • Lighting & Audio

  • Green Screen

  • COVID-19 Safe

Who or what is streaming for?







House of Worship



And More!

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