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All Your Integration Needs,

For Your Home & Business.


We are the lighting PROS. Everything from entertainment to architectural, we love to do it! Whether it's an entertinment venue or your looking to bring your home to the next level, we would love to help!

Audio & Video

Audio and Video are major elements to any installation. We don't just install the same three systems like most companies. We spec and install based on what your needs and budget are.


Your network is the most critical part of your home or business. The network solution we offer is one of the easiest manage and offers a great backbone. Perfect for everyone from the novice homeowner to the savvy techie.


Cameras are a vital part of your security. Get full coverage of your property, at every angle. Our cameras systems are secure with on-site storage, never touching the internet as well as having secure remote access through a web portal or mobile app.

Door Access

Our door access solutions are highly affordable compared to most systems on the market and extremely secure. Perfect for businesses and homeowners! We offer readers that feature video doorbell functionality that also work with our VOIP phone solution as well!

VoIP Phones

VoIP Phones are the best and most affordable solution for homeowners and businesses. Our VoIP phones have an extremely low monthly cost per line and integrate with our door access system.

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