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VOIP is the way.

VOIP is the new way of doing "corded" phones, the days of landlines are over. Our VOIP solution is highly affordable and offers some great features. It works in unison with our camera and door access systems as well! This is a solution perfect for the home or business. The Touch series phones are available in black and white color finishes.


Does your business currently have several incoming lines? That's not necessary anymore. VoIP can handle simultaneous calls on one number, which means instant cost savings for you!


Best part, no yearly contract!


  • Phone to Phone Video Calling

  • Intercom and Paging

  • Call Parking

  • User Groups

  • Hunt/Ring Groups

  • Assignable Voicemail Boxes

  • Smart Attendants With Customizable Menus, Ringbacks and More.

  • Off-site Remote Work Friendly With Easy QR-Code Setup

  • SMS Messaging

  • Global and Individual User Contacts.

  • And more!


Touch Phone Max

Touch Phone

Flex Phone

ATA Phone Adapter

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