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Who is

Darkness Before Light?

Darkness Before Light was started by James Natal through his passion for the entertainment industry. James started working full-time in high school doing productions and finding his passion for lighting design. From there, his love for the industry fell deeper and his areas of expertise widened. Moving on to doing sales and expo's, assisting on projects providing planning, CAD services and more, he decided to begin his own company.


After working for different companies over the years he noticed one key flaw, every company was only focused on the bottom dollar and not the customer experience. James plans to change that with Darkness Before Light Productions, a company small enough to give every client the care and experience they not only need but deserve. At the end of the day, productions and installations are not the same as they were before. Clients now spend thousands of dollars for simple events or installations. We understand the frustrations clients have with other companies and strive to give everyone a completely personalized experience.

None of our services are pre-packaged or repeatable setup's. Everything is fully customized to each and every client's needs.

Are you ready to join the DBL family? Check out what we have to offer and get in touch with us!

James Natal


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